TaipeiGuru's Expert Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

In honor of ATC Choice Day, this thread has been posted to notify the community of where I’m open. Feel free to come by and fly some patterns or head to another exotic destination!

Status: Closed
Location: N/A
Frequencies: N/A
Time Opened: N/A


Now closed at PAJN!

Edit: Visibility went down to a quarter of a mile, so no pattern work will be allowed. Sorry, @airjonathan1!

Decided to close because of the low visibility, but I highly recommend going there and testing your piloting skills. The fog will give you a run for your money.


Oh, i was about to say, aren’t you already IFATC?

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Now open at VCBI!

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Love this tracking thread, if only we could have an automatic system that shows reservations on what airport will ne active what times 🙄.

Meanwhile in Atlanta - Hey over there!

This has been the day the most ATC has ever been active. I think we should do this again, I’ve explored several different airports across the world, most small and near to international airports, but still a massive change to my experience.

I think this should be done again, or looking at more things like this, hosting the smaller airports rather than the bigger ones. London Gatwick, Paris Orly, LaGuardia, Long Beach, San Jose, Toronto City/Billy Bishop, Kissimee… About half of these have met the schedule in the recent months, we need to do this more often. There are hundreds of unbelievable and underrated airports right in your hands, which we are yet to discover. I say “Do it! Explore the world in the game that it is meant for!”


Same here! I think ATC Choice is really nice because it allows controllers to open at their favorite airports. Pilots also benefit by having the motivation to fly places that they ordinarily would never have gone before. Having smaller, less-visited airports open would be a really nice idea; we can keep our fingers crossed that Tyler will do something like this again.

As of now, there’s no system like the one that you mentioned, but (as a general piece of advice for all pilots): go and check out Super handy website that tells you how long a controller has been open at which airport. It’s not the same as knowing when they’ll open or how long they’ll be there, but I guarantee it would be a good tool for a lot of people here on the IFC.

VCBI is now closed, thanks to those who came!


Last airport of the day! Now open at KATW, where you can enjoy a short hop to KORD!

Thanks for the ATC @TaipeiGuru! Sorry I could only do 1 pattern…

See you in the skies!

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No worries. Thanks for stopping by!

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Are you still open?

Yep! 11 more minutes.

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Alright I’ll pop in!

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Sorry I have to go, I thought I had time rip

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No worries! Happy flying!

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Happy controlling as well :D

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You closed 😞

I just spawned

Had to go, sorry. Snoman was going to be my last. :(

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Fine I dont need you anyway 😤

Anyways, that concludes my day of controlling for ATC choice. Thanks to everybody who came; I hope you all have a wonderful week!