Tailwinds Tuesday Sydney Sanity! @ YSSY - 130000ZFEB18


Server: *All servers event (your choice)

Region: Australia

Airport: YSSY

Time: *130000Z-14000Z (24hrs)

//Established Routes//
Jetstar A320

Qantas A380

Jetstar 787-8

Qantas 747

Qantas 747

Qantas 787-9

Jetstar 787-8

NOTAM: Join Tailwidns for its fourth Tailwinds Tuesday and hop down under to Australia in any Qantas or Jetstar aircraft! Hope to see some people flying in and out of YSSY in the next 24 hrs. Have fun and be respectful and follow any ATC


Tailwinds Tuesday is an event held every 2 weeks around the world inviting participants from TFC and not from TFC to come and enjoy it.

Official Thread:

ATC on Training Server provides by TSATC

Check this weeks schedule out here:

Or contact @jakevaz423 for inquiries!


Thank you once again! I myself will be down there later in the day hope to see and/or recognize a few people there!


Can these flights be logged?


I’ll try and open up ground and tower on the training server for you guys.


yes they most certainly can! any for any rank in this time period!


Enroute to PHNL from YSSY


can i join this which rute are most people flying


I don’t know what I’d yhe most popular and anyone can join


which route are you going and server


I’m at school right now but I’m flying later today


but which server an


I will be on Expert server


ok i am not sure i dont wanna get ghosted


Just follow rules and you won’t


ok i will be there tell me your call sign and aircraft


I’ll open up ground and tower on training for you guys
EDIT: closed


Daniel 14 can you tell me you call sign and route plan


I would like to go with the leader


TFC-001 and I don’t know my route or aircraft


Ok when you spawn I will check