Tailwinds Tuesday BA Blitz! [Anyone can Join]@ EGLL - 230800ZJAN18

Tailwinds inaugural Tailwinds Tuesday takes us to EGLL for BA Blitz! Starting at 0800Z on the 23rd of January (12AM Pacific) and lasting for a full 24 hours ending 0800Z on the 24th of January. Now We at Tailwinds Understand most of you aren’t interested in joining yet another VA or just simply aren’t interested or don’t have time but come on down to EGLL rather you’d care to join or not come see some friends, people you haven’t seen in a while, or make new friends. Details for this Event follow Below. If you are in TFC Fly any route you want during this time period and you can log it!

Server: All Servers (Your Choice)

Time: 230800ZJAN18 - 240800ZJAN18

Region: The U.K. 🇬🇧

Notam: Be respectful of others even if they aren’t being respectful to you but remember to have fun and fly.

//Established Routes//

EGLL-KLAX (10-11 Hours)
(BA 787-9, 747-400)

EGLL-KSJC (9-10 Hours)
(BA 787-9)

EGLL-KJFK (6-7 Hours)
(BA 747-400)

EGLL-ESSA (1:30-2 Hours)
(BA 767)

EGLL-VHHH (10-12 Hours)
(BA A380)

EGLL-EIDW (0:45-1 Hour)
(BA A319)

EGLL-EBBR (1-1:15 Hours)
(BA A319)

Don’t forget to check our thread out and tell us if you like this event tracing its roots from the old Turbulent Tuesday’s, Hope to see you at EGLL and we hope you have fun.

Official thread:

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Very excited for this!

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I hope more people care to join in :-)


Might join! Still don’t know.

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I would love to participate


@Nicolas_Betancourt and @Kate_Russell Hope you both can!


Ah ok, it’s a 24-hour event. I will definitely be flying one of these 👍

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Sounds great!! I will definitely do one of these routes!!

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I’m going to find a way to fit this in.


Glad that everyone is enjoying this.

Begins in 2 hours won’t be there my self when it starts but hope to see some people later in the day on Expert when I’m on!

Dammm I have school…

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I have spawned in, flying from EGLL-EIDW

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Can’t wait to see who else comes!

Sameee! I wish I could join it though. Next time!


Just finished EGLL-KIAH!

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Don’t forget to post any photos from the event!

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These two were when I began descending over Louisiana
I couldn’t get any final approach pics because the APPR was acting up and I had to land manually 😂

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Glad to see the photos!

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I’m sorry I couldn’t join :(

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