Tailwinds Presents Let’s Visit Texas! @ KONT - 041900ZJUN18

Hello everyone! We at TFC have decided to host a short haul event for ALL to come no matter you be in TFC or not! This time we’ll be going to Texas, Dallas Fort Worth to be exact. From an airport that isn’t used as often as it should be. Ontario international in SoCal. Below is all the info for this flight.

2-06: @Bajisa
2-07: @lin68088987
2-08: @Jd34
2-09: @Naterrizer
2-10: @Wallacy
2-11: @Daniel14

This event will be approximately 2:30-3:00 hours long, so please be respectful to others while in the air over U.S.

The Details:

Server: Expert
Airport: KONT
Time: 041900ZJUN18

This Event is Held by Tailwinds Flying Club


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I have school during the time of the event.

Have fun everyone!

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sign me up i would love to be in this flight speedbird 200 gate 2 10 plesae

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wait what time does it start i hope it starts after school for me

I added you to the top!

when does t start in EDT

Sign me up
Oh heck yeah, a bit more Texas.

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danny do you know when it starts in EDT because i have school and stuff

It should be 3pm eastern

ok amazing ill be ther

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Sounds like fun! Any gate please. Southwest 1254.

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I wish I could come to fly to my home airport but I am busy during the time of the event. Just a few hours too early. Have fun and Don’t Mess With Texas!

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Yeah that is too early for me too

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I will join, but may I arrive in British?

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No, for realism we will only be using the AA 737-800

How about I will fly in with AA 77W and then respawn with 738?

Where are you flying in from?

Flying from EGBB…

you could fly into KLAx the do a short 5ish minute hop to KONT

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Sure, I will go KLAX first then hop to Knot