Tailwinds Presents Frankfurt Or Bust! @ KBOS - 172000ZJUN18 [COMPLETED]

Only 4 gates are left for this Trans-Atlantic Flight!

Can I have a gate please?

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When is the event?..

20:00 Zulu
It says the time in the event title…

I mean what date?..

Please see the above for title formatting

It’s on the 17th of June

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I would like to attend

@ADDY28 and @Goran12 you are now apart of the flight!

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I would like to possibly join. I have to gather some more info tho. May I please have the icao code for the destination airport in Frankfurt please?

The destination airport is EDDF

Thank u, and the eligible aircraft please?

The Lufthansa 747-8.

Sign me up! Any gate is fine

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I Added you to the list!

Can I get a gate please? And is there a particular aircraft I’m supposed to use?

I’ll get you a gate! And please use The Lufthansa 747-8

I can’t come sorry duetting it being late for me as I have to do something on that day. :/

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Unfortunately, its “bust” for me, I cannot attend due to another event changing their date to yours, however I signed up for them first, so can you please remove me from the attendee list? Thanks!

Ok, I have removed you from the list

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