Tailwinds Presents Frankfurt Or Bust! @ KBOS - 172000ZJUN18 [COMPLETED]

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Time: 172000ZJUN18
Airport: KBOS

Please be respectful to others, and have fun as we cross the Atlantic!

Terminal E

Gate6: @Isabelsenske2004
Gate8: @Royce
Gate9: @Daniel14
Gate10: @Nathan
Gate11: @BigBert10
Gate12: @ADDY28

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Have any questions about TFC? Go ahead and PM me or post it on our thread and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Sign me up please any gate is fine

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Added you to the list Of attendees 😊

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Gate 8 Please :)…

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Added you in to the top!

Sorry, realized this in the middle of the day and I’ll be busy then. Please remove me I’m sorry

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That’s fine I removed you.


For now, put me down for a gate. I may or may not be able to come (summer schedules can get hectic), but I want to have my first TFC event.


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You’ve been added into the top!

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Only 4 gates are left for this Trans-Atlantic Flight!

Can I have a gate please?

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When is the event?..

20:00 Zulu
It says the time in the event title…

I mean what date?..

Please see the above for title formatting

It’s on the 17th of June

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I would like to attend

@ADDY28 and @Goran12 you are now apart of the flight!

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I would like to possibly join. I have to gather some more info tho. May I please have the icao code for the destination airport in Frankfurt please?

The destination airport is EDDF

Thank u, and the eligible aircraft please?