Tailwinds January Logo Competition!

Hello IFC! I am here to announce to the community that me and the fellow staff have decided to open a competition open to all rather you be in Tailwinds or not!

The competition
We want to challenge any artist, visionary, and person to design us a Logo modifying the original one. We want YOU to change it up by adding things that only happen in January like how in February there is valentines. This Logo will be used in all events throughout the Month. The winning logo would be decided by our staff in a poll where results are anonymous.

The original

Post your modified Logo here! and tag me, @Daniel14 with your submission. Now you may submit as many times as you like (Within Reason).

THEME January!

Closure Date 1/15/18

So lets see your artistic ability!


I’m not sure what you mean by January, so basically winter themed I’m assuming?

Theme it off stuff that happens in January like new year and such

Is there a prize? Also shouldn’t this be on the main thread?

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tbh… Not excited about the prize.

But I know the winning photo idea :P

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A. No prize at the moment
B. nah our official thread isn’t for competitions

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If there’s a prize apart from it being used for this months events I would enter.


Let me see what I can do

Does anybody want to try?

Goodluck! I hope the event finds its lucky winner

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Here is one I did. Its simple, but gets the idea across. I will try to do more later.



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