Tailwinds flying west?

Right now my flight is in the air from London to San Francisco and it took off some 30 or so minutes ago I am experiencing tailwinds and flying at 540 kts and am cruising at FL 340. Should I make any changes to my altitude and/or speed?

@Rohan2 as of right now you should keep everything the same thats how turbulence works in IRL So there no reason to change your altitude / or speed

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I would say no. This is totally normal to see tail winds. Don’t worry I’m sure you will encounter head winds at some point during the flight.

There are some interesting winds up there today! We reflect actual winds aloft in real time so you can always check on a site like Windy for the latest activity.


I am aware that your winds are realistic. They just were unexpected lol.

dw your plane won’t fall off the sky….

Its even worse at FL340

The reality is wind speeds and directions are always changing. That’s weather. Just because you are flying west doesn’t mean you won’t encounter something other than a head wind. So aren’t surprised for any of your flight moving forward just look at windy which Tyler put above.

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