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Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, G’Day mate, Kon’nichiwa, Aloha, Hola, and Welcome to the Tailwinds Thread

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Like TFC? Why not consider Joining Today! Once again, Thank you for visiting the official TFC thread. Have Questions? PM me or one of our staff and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about Tailwinds!

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Changes are in the works! Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!


Awesome looking thread Daniel! IMO, this is one of the best VO’s out there!

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Thank you so much!

New thread, looks really good.

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Nice thread Daniel! Good work! #longlivetheTFC

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How many pilots do you guys have?

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We are at 19 pilots, soon to be 20

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Oh, the website says 8. I wish I could join but I have my own VA. Good Luck though, love your guy’s events!


Our website is terribly outdated, that is one of the things that will be changed very soon!

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Looking forward to it!

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18.6 is Out!

TFC is more then happy that 18.6 came out as an early Christmas present to us all! TFC is hard at work making changes to be rolled out on January 1st and we are also hard at work planning many 737 events! So stay tuned for more info! Interested in Joining TFC? Fill the application out above an we will get back to you as soon as we can! Want to read more about the 18.6 update? look no further then here:


A Tropical Christmas Event is Posted!


A Weekend Down Under is Posted!

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Changes are in the works!

Me and everyone at TFC has been hard at work popping for the new year which will also bring many new features! Here is a riddle for one:

Logging flights just got a pay raise…

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Tomorrow is bringing big changes…

With January 1st, we will be changing many things, bringing back pilot favorites, and adding many new things all are to love! We hope you will all enjoy these new and upcoming changes, come and experience “Nothing But The Best” here at Taiwlinds!

New Thread!