Tailwinds Flying Club "Flying Farther, Together." (Still Recruiting!) (New Aircraft in Fleet!)

Use our application under recruitment

I can’t find it? Can u link it please?

YouTube now up and running!

New event!

Just participate in at least one event every two weeks is the requirement to stay in the club. Also, is the club free?

it is free and participation is a must at least once every two weeks unless something happens

If something does happen then we could just report it and say that we might not be available right?

yep thats all we need

Alright, thanks, I will consider it and possibly even join it.

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Good luck with this group it looks amazing that it is not like some VA‘s that are like a company where they say Log a flight and keep us active. Looks like it will be successful in the future. Just take some things seriously.
QjetVA Staff and Managment

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Thanks @QJetVirtual! Wish you luck to!

What aircraft is your test in?

We conduct tests in the 737 and the reviewer uses an aircraft with APPR (if they like just to get on the ground faster to watch their landing) and the flights last an hour

New event:

Yet another new event:

Another new event:


Attention IFC,

Our Chief Pilot was permabanned, and are thefore looking for applicants of the following requirements if interested to PM me.

  • Grade 3 or higher
  • 14 years or older
  • Professional

Attention again!

I am looking for someone who recently submitted an Application to TFC with the IF display name of “Captain Nate” if anyone knows who this is your help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Daniel14,
I’m right now live in a UTC+8 area and don’t really have time doing long hauls yet. (And don’t really want to break my iPhone 6 Plus prematurely, either.)
In fact, I just picked up IF in 1.5 months, after dropping out of IF sky for more than a year. Now I fly almost exclusively in Dash-8s, in terms of commercial aircrafts.
So, do you think if I’d fit well in the Tailwinds?

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Yes you would! Not everyone here is in the same time zone so you can still fly the long hauls in your respective time zone. But you can also just use the Q400 as long as you know how to fly the other aircraft

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