Tailwinds Flying Club "Flying Farther, Together" (Recruiting Staff and Pilots!) New thread New Year!


We Are IFVARB Approved

Tailwinds Flying Club is a group of enthusiastic people who love to fly without the requirements and tight restraints that are difficult to follow. We are Also Pilot Connected meaning what our pilots do we do so everything is seamless.

CEO: @Daniel14
Head of internal affairs: @TheCuriousPilot644
COO: @Ishan_S
Recruiter: OPEN!
Human Resources: @DiamondGaming4
Chief pilot: @Oli_H
Head of public relations: @William_Burke
Media managers:
@William_Burke (website, Twitter)
@GolferRyan (instagram)
@MrAlaska (youtube)
Event coordinator: @Dillion_Talks
Pilot trainers: @Oli_H
Incoming pilot reviewers: current members
Graphic Designer: @MisterButler
Head ATC: @GolferRyan
Slack Moderators: OPEN!
Want to apply for a staff position? use this link:

Our ranks are a little different then other VA’s we do it the following way:

0-5 Flights logged
Can Fly A318,A319,737-700,737-800Embrear aircraft
6-10 Flights Logged
Can Also Fly A320,A321, 787-8, 757
11-15 Flights Logged
can Also Fly 787-9, 777-200,767
16+ Flights Logged
Can Also Fly 747 Series, A380, 777-300, Q400, 737-900, MD11, DC10.

Pilot Requirements

We don’t have very difficult requirements for our pilots to follow to stay in our Club. All we ask is that you participate at least once every two weeks in one of our events hosted on different days. Or you follow the weekly schedule below which changes every 7 days to a different one. In which they are all group flights to new exotic destinations. There is also a strike rule as in you do X amount things wrong then you are out.These are subject to change

A318 (BabyBus), A319, A320, A321, A340, A380.
737-700, 737-800, 737-900, 747-200, 747-400, 747-8, 757-200, 767, 777-200er, 777-200LR, 777-300er, 787-8, 787-9, 787-10
Dash-8 Q400
E170, E175, E190, E195
Mcdonnel Douglas
MD11, DC10!


Currently being redone)


Being redone

Coming soon!

Events this week!

None right now :)


To Join TFC send in this application and it will be reviewed to have a test flight scheduled!

For Our Current pilots!


We will be having big plans for 2018 so stay tuned!
oh and use this link to Log your flight so we know you participated!


Yep its official we are now partnered with IFATS! Have any questions about IFATS? Shoot me a PM asking what it involves with us or shoot @oscar_mur asking about IFATS in General!

Something HUGE is on Approach into TFC!

Stay tuned for more info in the coming days!

Tailwinds Tuesday Amazing American! @ KDFW - 310100ZJAN18
Tailwinds Tuesday BA Blitz! [Anyone can Join]@ EGLL - 230800ZJAN18
[Finished] Saturday Night’s Alright (For Flying) @ EHAM - 040430ZMAR18
[FINISHED] Tailwinds Tuesday Fanatic Frontier! @ KDEN - 200000ZFEB18
Tailwinds Tuesday Sydney Sanity! @ YSSY - 130000ZFEB18
[FINISHED] Tailwinds Tuesday Unique United! @ KSFO - 060800ZFEB18
[Finished] TFC Airport Fill Up @ KMIA - 250400ZFEB18

This is quite nice. Good job.


We are pleasant to continue our journey with the IFC well into 2018 and so on, thank you all for the best first 2 months! Happy new year!


Thank you! So much @Joseph_Krol!


Good job @Daniel14! Very neat and nice! 👍🏻👏🏻👌🏻


Took me a little while to get it all done but I did it!


The first event of 2018!


2017 Look Back

And our 2018 Outlook


Is there a form to sign up?


Aren’t you staff? ()


I didn’t want to be a Staff anymore


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New event:


Our big Surpirise is almost done!


It is official we are partnered with IFATS, Have questions you want answered about IFATS? Shoot me a PM and I will explain how it involves us! Or shoot @oscar_mur a PM or his staff asking about IFATS as a whole!


The weekly schedule for ALL pilots to use and log:


Hey guys and gals ladies and gents! I introduce to you the new improved official thread!


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