Tailwinds Flying Club 2.0 | New Thread For Our Upcoming Anniversary!


Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, G’Day mate, Kon’nichiwa, Aloha, Hola, and Welcome to the Tailwinds Thread

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One Year Anniversary!

Our one year anniversary is coming up on October 29th! Expect more news soon!

Like TFC? Why not consider Joining Today! Once again, Thank you for visiting the official TFC thread. Have Questions? PM me or one of our staff and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about Tailwinds!

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Nice! Happy anniversary!


Thank you so much! Our official anniversary isn’t for more then a month but celebrations are in the works!


Happy anniversary and best of luck in the future!


Our latest event, A little slice of paradise @NTAA is up and running! 🏃
Check it out here:

Interested in Joining TFC? Click the application above to join!

Second event of the day is now up and running also! 🏃

Interested in Joining TFC? Fill the application out above!

Our latest event, New York-London on the Queen @KJFK is up and running! 🏃
Check it out here:

Interested in Joining TFC? Click the application above to join!

Yet another event for this month has been posted!

Interested in Joining? Click the link to join this event or join TFC by filling in an application!

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So let’s say I’m considering joining. What separates you from all the other VAs that say “new and interesting routes”. Every VA says that. What would make my experience with your airline different than any other VA experience?

(I’ve been in some pretty diverse, interesting VAs.)

I’m saying this because I noticed you one thread said the purpose was to offer new and interesting routes to fly or something like that.

Well, unlike other VA’s that say “new interesting routes” we have no route database, no logging flights, you fly any route you want rather you just joined or have been with us since we started as long as the route is real go ahead and fly it! With us, we try to make it feel more like a social VO, with everyone getting together for Group Flights, events, and such where pilots fly all over the world. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Tailwinds most unique Long Haul event is now posted!

Interested in Joining TFC? Click the application and we will review it within 24hours!

99% of what we do is just talk. That is 100% the best part. Just just throw out a flight, get a few people to join you, and joke about that landing with the 20kts crosswind you all messed up, throw around a few laughing emojis, and start talking about the new routes an airline announced. No other VA can do that…


Latest event for the day is up!

Interested in TFC? Fill out an application and we will get with you within 24 hours!

Latest event is up and running! 🏃

Interested in Joining TFC? Fill in the application above and we will get back to you within 24 hours!


TFC has partnered with ACVA to fly across the Atlantic! Check it out here:


Been thinking about joining but my scary question is… what app do you use to communicate?

Please say discord

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We use Slack

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alright thank you


October is upon us!


This month we are celebrating our One Year Anniversary with many special events so stay tuned!


Ooo congrats!!!

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