Tailwinds Flying Club 2.0 [Applications Open!]


Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, G’Day mate, Kon’nichiwa, Aloha, Hola, and Welcome to the Tailwinds Thread


Thank you for taking your time to Click on our thread and View our IFC thread! Our goal here at TFC is to make every pilot feel they are family with us and treat them as such. If you become a pilot here, your not just a pilot, your apart of the family. We Invite all Pilots of Grade 3 or Higher to tour this thread and consider joining!


Tailwinds Flying Club (TFC) Was founded in October of 2017 following the release of the biggest update to ever happen to IF, Global. With the idea to “Fly Farther, Together”. After months of operations, Tailwinds Temporarily closed to refresh ourselves in how we run. In May 2018, we relaunched with “New, Improved, Superior” Since then we have recieved a very high quality of Pilots. Why not join and become part of History.

How we run: 🏃

Tailwinds operates just as any other flying club, by letting people fly how they want to fly. All we ask, is that our pilots are Mature and are active on the slack, but are also active in the group flights that are held all the time and are announced on the slack page, but also some here on the IFC. No need for those pesky route databases to deal with, no need to worry if you logged enough hours, all you need to worry about is rather which flight you should do.


@Daniel14 CEO
@Ishan_S COO
@Kate_Russell Chief Pilot
@Royce Website Manager
@GolferRyan Instagram
@DiamondGaming4 Head Of Internal Affairs

Slack Mods:

@Cbro4 @KPIT

Flight Table

See all of our events and Group flights in one convenient file!


Our Website:

Our Instagram:

Like TFC? Why not consider Joining Today! Once again, Thank you for visiting the official TFC thread. Have Questions? PM me or one of our staff and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about Tailwinds!

Happy Flying!

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Seems awesome guys! This is really giving me a reason to consider. Although I am busy now, I may join in the near future!

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Awesome! We would love to have you aboard!

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As one of the founders of the original Tailwinds, I’m so glad to see it back! I wish you all best of luck on this second endeavor!


Our latest event is up! This time we partner with the IPP group for a flight from Athens-Doha!

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@Daniel14, props, thread looks nice! Just Applied :)

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Awesome! I will review your application as soon as I can and I will contact you then!

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Hello everyone!

We at TFC are always trying to involve the flying community as much as possible, so today I would like your help in deciding where our next event shall be!

These routes were picked off uniqueness and such.

  • KIAH-PANC (UNITED 737-900)

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Latest event is up!

Latest Event is Up and Running! 🏃

After this coming up time and time again, I thought I would clear things up.
Many are asking if they need to log a flight somewhere.
Well, you do not need to. All you need to do is be active flying and be active on the slack.

Hope this clears things up for everyone


The TFC Flight Table! This Table allows anyone to see all of our current group flights that are coming up along with all of our events! This is open to any of our pilots and staff to post on which does update live! Here you are the TFC Flight Table!

Like what you see? Why not consider Joining today!


Tailwinds will very soon be unveiling a brand NEW thread to celebrate our upcoming one year anniversary this coming October! We know you will enjoy this new updated thread as much as we did creating it!

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