Tailwind Airlines B737-800

Tailwind Airlines in a charter airline based in Türkiye (Turkey) and has recently re introduced the B737-800 back into their fleet. As of right now they currently operate 2 B737-800’s registered TC-TLI and TC-TLJ. The company started operations on May 2009. Tailwind airlines currently operates 40+ routes, it mainly flys to destinations in Europe but also flies to destinations in Türkiye (Turkey) and Iraq and Israel.

Source: TC-TLI | Boeing 737-8Z9 | Tailwind Airlines | András Soós | JetPhotos

About Tailwind Airlines

Information about the B737

A bit plain, but I like it!


Looks nice. So worthy


Never heard of this airline but livery looks nice, kinda looks like enter air


Source: TC-TLI | Boeing 737-8Z9 | Tailwind Airlines | Horváth Gábor | JetPhotos

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Source:Tailwind Airlines Boeing 737-4Q8 shortly before it's depar… | Flickr

Tailwind B737 at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport🤩


I saw Tailwind a lot of times with B737-400. Now they change to B737-800

Thats a B737-400

Yes I know. I made sure to find a picture only of the front because it basically looks the same with the livery 😁

Bumping This Topic🔥

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Source: TC-TLI | Boeing 737-8FZ | Tailwind Airlines | Justin Stöckel | JetPhotos

A simple but clean livery! 🤩

Cool name but I don’t think I can spare a vote

The addition of the Tailwind Airlines Boeing 737-800 livery is a must for Infinite Flight. This livery’s unique design and color scheme would provide users with a refreshing option for their virtual flights. Tailwind Airlines is well-recognized, and including their livery on the B737-800 would contribute significantly to the realism and variety of liveries available in the simulator.

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Beautiful Livery 😍

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looking great!

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Looks good for B737👍🏼

I will enjoy flying with this livery ✈️

It looks so beautiful🔥

Good livery 🔥

They bought 3 737-800s. They keep buying. one of the best charter airline