Tailstrike protection system

Available on the 777-300ER and A340-600 (and maybe the 787 and 737-900 and MAX), the system activates when it senses the aircraft is close to touching the runway with its empennage. After detecting that, it hydraulically moves the elevators to force a nose-down pitch on the aircraft, avoiding the tail-strike.

Comment below what do you think of this.


Nice, but unneeded if the pilots did their job well.


Winds and wind gusts can make an aircraft tailstrike, even if you have excellent pilots.


I was joking but my awful sense of humor never seems to strike people well.


Definitely needed on the 737-800 and 900!


Interesting idea at least. And yes I need this. If I would have to pay 1Euro/Dollar per tailstrike I would have at least 1 million dollars/euros debt.

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Especially on the -900. I feel I’d tailstrike it all the time if I buy it.


They key is rotating at the right moment with the right amount of trim too. It helps to have a soft takeoff.

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I was kidding a little bit, but I need some takeoff practise. Lets get back on topic.

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You struck that joke right on the head…

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You might want to reword that.

Never knew this was available.It would be great to add it to the system

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If anyone would need this it would be on the a340-600.

It seems it has it in real life. So I added it to the description.

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If you look closely, the 767 has a flap coming out of the empennage. Also I wish they added the block on the empennage of the 737.

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The 737-800 has a tailstrike protection, you can see it when taking off.

Is it only on the 800? It looks like a brick.

700 to 900 I think. The 767 has one too @Narroc_Wim.

That would be very helpful with the A340 series (especially -300) being pretty slow to takeoff because of its weight and the underpowered (but safety compliant) engines


This is a good idea because it prevents pilot error and wind conditions causing a tail strike