Taildragger takeoff difficulties

When I start a takeoff roll in the taildragger aircraft (XCub and Spitfire), the aircraft will deviate from the centre line and swivel, sometimes falling off the runway entirely; the aircraft is stable in flight, however. How can I prevent this?

Those aircraft requires lots of rudder. Keep moving your feet to keep it aligned with the centerline. Check the topic linked below to give you a visual on how it works.

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The number one thing is practice makes perfect :) keep practicing using the rudder to keep you on the centerline on solo and after a while you’ll get it and be a pro! Then you’ll be able to show off your amazing skills to everyone :D

If there is a lot of wind on the runway, like a crosswind (yellow runway) you will have to use the rudder to keep the plane on the centreline. This can happen on green runways too. Practicing keeping the nose wheel on the centreline will help you with this! :)

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