Tail tank

Has anyone else noticed the option to increase or decrease fuel in the tail tank?

I’m confused

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Yes, I have… and?


Before you could make your aircraft heavier or lighter by increasing or decreasing fuel in the right and left tanks. Now I see the option to do the same with the tail tank.

When did this happen?

Still confused can I have a screenshot please

Its been here for ages…

Its in weight and balance.

Some planes have a tail tank for them some weren’t added with them

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Really, lol? Never saw it.


Well not every plane has one/.

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Well, there are not many planes that have a tail tank, if I’m not mistaken, The A388 is the only plane (yet) to include a tail tank. This isn’t actually used as a measure to influence the balance, but the A388 has 10 fuel tanks, they basically have fuel tanks in all ‘empty’ spots in the aircraft.

Maybe it isn’t that strange that the A388 is the only plane to fall under the “Super” wake turbulence category… :P


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