Tail strike warning for takeoff and landing

A tail strike warning placed on top of the screen like a violation warning is useful for pilots like me who fly for realism. Currently, I have no idea at which angle of attack is the tail strike angle at and there’s no one watching me taking off. Furthermore, the tail strike angle varies between aircraft. With this warning in place, I would know whether a possible tail strike can happen when I’m approaching the tail strike angle.

As for landing, implementation is trickier. The warning should be activated once I pass 50 ft AGL and I have begun my flare. The moment I flare too much, the warning would appear once again telling me that I have flared too much and should nose-down a little.

Yes! I voted very good idea!

Also don’t forget to vote for your own!


Is a good idea! I just did not vote now, because my votes were destined for other topics, but once released I will be voting in that.

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Great idea! Voted!

In theory, I love it. I kinda hate it though, because I am one of those pilots who always over-compensates on landing, so my violation count would skyrocket!

No, it wouldn’t incur violations if you don’t heed the warnings.

Or, use the outside view to land?

Like anyone has been able to accomplish such a feat 😂


Well, if 95% of your flights consists of pattern work, such as mine, you get pretty good at it🙃

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That idea will work for you but not for others, I’m sure others will not want to use your suggestion as the landing will turn out to be pretty bad.

95% of my flights consists of flying from point A to B. If you think you’re really good at landing, care to record a video and show it here?

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Yes, also think that this is good idea. Would help to increase the level of realism.

And you you assume this why?

Because my landing will turn out bad if I use your suggestion. By ‘‘pretty bad’’ I mean not staying on the centreline after landing/taking off.

I also don’t get what you mean by using outside view to land, do you mean using the normal view where you can see the entire plane?

And who uses outside view for takeoff and landing? In my opinion, you’re making things difficult, how will you be able to maintain the plane on the runway centreline after takeoff/landing roll without HUD/nose gear view?

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You can’t see the centerline from this view?

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@anon91707592 is 100% correct the outside view can give you the wrong perception of height etc on landing. The better idea in addition to the WARNING would be tailstrike PROTECTION similar to what’s implemented in the 773 and A321/346-again in addition to warnings etc in 738/9 and other A/C.

Here’s a few articles:



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Yes there are warnings in place for some commercial aircraft irl but none in IF.

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Ofc I can, but I still feel that using this view to land is harder than using HUD.


There’s warnings and protections on different AC. I’d love to see those in IF someday. I’ll see if I can spare a vote.


What I do is use the hud on takeoff but I know the proper takeoff aoa for the 737(only plane I fly besides ga)

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nice idea this feature