Tail strike issue while taking off

Hey, soo i have been noticing this issue while i take off…when i take off on a widebody aircraft with normal - heavy weight…during rotate i lift the airplane up but it dosent come off the ground…i have to gently wait for a bit and lift it off the ground to avoid tail strike…for eg. i took off on a a330 with normal weight and 1 knot wind. Throttle is set to 85%. Flaps set to 1+F. The rotate was around 160 knots. Am i doing anything wrong here ? I dont use trim…is that the issue ?



Yes, sometimes trim will help tremendously but it shouldn’t be a issue in general unless all or most of the weight is in the back cargo hold in which case, it will tail strike everytime you take off.

so are you saying not using trim is the issue ?

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Well it could be part of the issue. I’m not saying it’s the ONLY issue.

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oh ok…thanks…

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How much was the weight of the plane? Cargo, fuel and passengers on board? So I could try to recreate the issue.

I’ve found that Flaps 2 is usually good for takeoff regardless of weight. The trim will figure itself out.

im currently doing the flight right now so cant check the weight…

Hmm, got it! But hopefully the trim and flaps and not too much rotation will probably help.

oh ok…or can i just continue the take off roll till 170 knots and just rotate ? would that help ?

In real life as well, planes sometimes rotate, but only lift off a couple seconds after they rotate because the wings still need to generate some lift. Next time you try to takeoff, try to keep the nose up, but not too high up, and see if that gets you off the ground without doing a tail strike.



And try to rotate at maybe 300-500 FPM initially then go to your desired rotation once you reach few hundred feet off the runway.

will do…what i think is i lift it up a bit too much…and stay in that flare kinda position for a few seconds too long…


ok will try next time…

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Have you calibrated correctly? Maybe you didn’t which is why you cant takeoff with sufficient angle of attack.

Also, try to ease into the rotation. Try not to yank the flight controls back, but rather ease into it

yup…i always do before take off…

will try a more gentle lift next time…:)

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I personally use 15% Positive Trim with about 85% N1. This has worked fairly well for me.