Tail Numbers

I was wondering if infinite Flight was considering adding an option to change the tail numbers on aircraft. Like on commercial aircraft, have a drop-down menu like the livery menu but a list of the different tail numbers. It would be a nice little detail that we could change. I would even be willing to get a list of tail numbers for the different aircraft and airlines.



Whilst I certainly see how this could be a good idea so that users could be more realistic by actually flying the aircraft with the correct registration, I do believe that coding this and adding this feature wouldn’t be a huge priority for the Infinite Flight team.

If you are interested in this though, I would strongly recommend taking a search of the #features category or creating a #features request for this once you reach TL2 Member (you are currently TL1 - Basic User).

Great idea. Take care!


I thought about this too, it’s a very cool idea.

Check this out!

yeah I fully understand that it’s at the bottom of the priorities, as it should. But I guess its something for them to consider. to get to TL2, is that just by being active on IFC?

Yes, excatly. The link @InfiniteFlightDeck has provided is all you need. You may vote for that ability on the feature request linked.

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Yes, that’s correct. To reach TL2 you just need to be active on the forum and continue contributing in a positive manner.

That being said, that was to create a feature request. It looks like one has already been created that has been linked above. Feel free to vote for it as that is the best way to show your support.

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thanks for the help

It seems that the content on that link is more about solely GA. But I was also thinking about the ability to change the registration of the commercial aircraft as well. But instead of it being custom, there is a list of the real registrations available to choose from.

So would it be a list of liveries, where it would be like…
British Airways - G-VIIR
British Airways - G-VIIT
British Airways - G-VIIU

Wouldn’t that get really long? I guess t’d be ok with a search bar.

Saying that though, each of these would be a separate livery, which could take up extra storage

I guess something like that, but there could be the normal livery list with a standard livery, and then there could be an additional seperate drop down list where you could choose the registration if you want to. Its just an idea that I wanted to throw out there. Food for thought and maybe one day the devs could take a look at it and potentially implement it. I think it would be a cool addition to help with realism and accuracy a bit.

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