Tail Logo Lights


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Sorry 😔 I thought that this was forgotten and/or new users haven’t seen it yet.


It would also really help at night seeing what aircrafts in front of you


Hopefully coming in the “Much improved Aircraft deatails” brought with the crj uppdaterad


Hadn’t thought of that, However, i would be disappointed if it had it because no other plane in IF would and it would be quiet weird or strange to have it only on the CRJ. Also I think the Devs should focus getting all aircraft in the sim to one standard before adding new planes.


It could be an awesome feature while flying or being parked at night! Voted.


Need to have a look at my votes to change one, a great feature to look at, and could be helpful for those in ATC!


👍🏽👍🏽 I agree on this one. Much of the aircraft lighting could be upgraded. Brighter, as well as some more realistic. Nav lights on military aircraft have a thin strip the illuminates a soft very light green for close formation flying at night. Tail logo lights would be a huge improvement to the realism of the sim.


This would be a great thing to add on IF😉


Very much needed, night flight needs some work to have realism


My vote is in you have it


Everybody you have to only puf you like but I recommend


This is way overdue, i hope to see this i. the next update!


This would be absolutely amazing 😍😍


Needed for night flight


This would be amazing for FedEx night operation flights! 😏


I hope the developers can try to fit the data and coding to make it into Infinite Flight, and run devices smoothly.


@Kyle.Plane Great idea!


Need for next update…


Awh AirTran Airways ;–; will be missed