Tail Logo Lights


I think both this and taxi way lights could be added. I would totally fly at night more often if this happened.


I’d just be happy to have the tail logo lights. It’d be the ultimate in realism. Btw I’m NOT knocking your idea, I just think it’d be easier to do than to redo all of the airports. I’ve already voted for this topic. 😍


I didn’t realise how many votes this had wow


We need like city lights or like lights for when you fly at night because it’s really dark when the city isn’t lit up


Hi @JovialBreak ! That is a whole different feature request. If you would like to voice your opinion for that idea, then please do so at the link I provided :)


Love to see this, for some reason it just feels like infinite flight drops quality at night with its features, poor vision on the ground with taxiway lights with poor taxi lighting and tail logos it just misses out on those little features… with 270+ votes hopefully they’ve noticed this and are working on an update soon?


Would be great. Voted.


It is so satisfying gaining votes because of confirmed features!

I put one here, overall all the lights in IF need a rework


We’re so close to 300 votes! Would definitely make nighttime flying an absolute pleasure.


We need this, this would make me want to fly more nighttime flights! You have my vote 😉

Edit: I’m the 299th vote!


300, this topic is definitely up there!


301st Vote, I would love to see this added into IF as now we have great night and evening and morning lighting i think a tail light would just show off what livery you are flying at night so well! Got my vote!

EDIT - 302 Votes now! Amazing


I can’t vote, but this would be awesome


You got my vote. This will be amazing to have in IF.


Don’t have any votes to spare, but man would I love to see this in IF.


i believe they will add it however their are things they need first.


You got my vote!!! I like this idea!! 👍


Totally needed. Plus it can probably prevent you from crashing into other planes.


That light when airplanes are landing…
It’s just amazing !!! (Also when they are parked ^^)
So we need that ! (In my opinion)
Voted. 👍🏽


This and wing lights as well as taxi lights would just make an awesome game even more awesome