Tail Logo Lights


I would love this with global! :)


Same here. I don’t think it would be too hard to implement either


Many people can do some night flying, since they need a little night if they sync with the current time.


We need this! Imagine this with live at night! Being able to see other people and imagine the screenshots.


This would be the perfect added feature for all airliners. (Not GA) sometime before 2019. Would compliment Global for the ultimate realism.


I would also do more night flying if there were more features that would make night flights more pleasant/realist.


I think this would be great-but landing lights should illuminate the ground before this is added, as they will be more helpful when landing and taxiing at night(unless specific taxi light are added, I would fully support those too)


Yeah it really bad at night and I hate flying at that time of day so it would really be helpful


I agree! Please work on.


Surprising how this hasn’t been added yet with the amount of votes it has. Doesn’t seem that hard to add a extra light tbh.


A lot of that may require the model to be reworked. If it is controlled seperate from the cabin lights as it should be, there would have to be a completely different mesh/texture to run it.


Well any clarification on this: to the staff at Infinite Flight? As in would a total rework be required to add this feature ‘if’ it was ever added? Definitely one of my favorite feature requests ever!


It would require at a minimum a new texture set like the cabin lights did.


This plus landing light reflections on the fuselage and engines…


I don’t think anything has been said about landing lights. This is a feature request for tail logo lights, not landing lights that illuminate the ground and other things. There is a feature request for that Here. Also Here.


Yeah, that would be cool. Infinite flight should do this. And yes it would encourgae me too!


WOW!!! I cant belive how many votes this has! It doesnt really surprise me since this would be REALLY cool to have. :)


Definitely would be a great feature


Hopefully when the game gets a rework on the lighting it will be fixed


This would be a cool feature. Maybe it could be done at the same time they do taxiway lights (Surely this will be coming soon).