Tail Logo Lights


At night, I can not even see my aircraft!!


Working lights are essential, especially taxiway lights. It would be nice to fly at night without straining my eyes.




Guys please avoid posting too many pictures in a feature request, you could always post your edits at the “Best IF Photos” thread.


This would be excellent, especially in addition to the taxi and city lights requested elsewhere


I think lights in general need an upgrade hopefully soon


Love it! It would be so realistic to fly at night


Would be a great add on!!!


It will be fine if they add. And FPS it should not be a big mess


Definitely needed in Infinite Flight! I hope that lights are improved in the Global update so we could improve our vision when flying at night. I do really hope that tail logo lights will be added in Global because it will be magnificent to see a sea of lights on the tails!


To be honest, the only lights that actually light up on the runway are the strobes, the landing lights should actually illuminate the runway, it would make night flights much more viable and a lot more interesting to do.


Even though I agree with you, it should be fixed, this topic is about tail logo lights, not runway lights.


Well, I’m not actually talking about runway lights.


No more off topic stuff. This is about tail lights


I think if we are going to see tail logo lights or any updated lighting it would be with the release of a new aircraft in the game. Kind of like when we got cabin lights but not for all aircraft just the ones that had just been released


Im full support for this! Makes night more realistic


I’m quite surprised no recent activity on this feature request topic. Definitely one on my wish list & I voted for it.


Currently the fourth most voted request on the forum. I can’t read the devs’ mind, but I do think that the entire lighting system in IF has to be reworked. From adding more lights to aircraft, airport lights and the way they reflect on the ground, it seems like the elephant in the room after the release of global.


This will make night time more fun! Lets gooo!!