Tail Logo Lights


YES! this would be so cool!


What a great idea! 👍


It would be amazing, it would make IF more realistic in night flights and easier to see the aircraft.
Definitely a vote from me!!


They totally need this! Aircraft look so good at night with these! :)


I’m not so sure this is a required feature, I think taxi lights are more important as you can’t see the taxiway when nightflying! Just my opinion though, it’s a great feature if you get it!


The thought of seeing tail logo lights lit up at night gives me butterflies! 😌


This feature would be great to have sometime down the road! Along with other features we need to make nighttime look better such as Taxiway lights and Taxi Lights on aircraft :)


Hmmm… Could this effect be reached by only having the livery document having a layer that could be activated? Although that would probably mean the the livery doc would need to be changed and nope, forget it.


This’ll be an awesome feature. Hopefully once Global comes out, the FDS team can probably look into other features to implement.


This will be amazing it will make Events look cool 😎


That actually is a very good idea that makes the aircraft look very nice


I would love the tail logo lights! :)


I think in general aircraft lighting could use an overhaul but this is a good first step, everything also seems dark because we have no moon. From the screenshots global looks like it will have great new reflections hopefully begging the “lighting revolution”.


I think in time, we will see the likes of taxi lights, effective landing lights and tail logo lights. But also as me thinking outside the box a little here so I don’t know if they COULD do this without infrastructure, but also lights in cities and the big one that I think needs added is airport lights, just to make an airport stand out at night time from the terrain. And the quality of the aircraft in the game could reflect this light, which would look pretty cool


This is so needed. I really hope it will be added soon. I really really hope so. Hopefully the devs are listening to us.


At night the plane is hardly visible, tail (logo) lights would definitely make it better.


I like the idea, would make it even more realistic. 👍🏻


This would be an amazing feature especially at night, it would just add that extra realism.


I will definitely vote for this. It is so beautiful at the night.


We need this… like right now! Definitely voted for this