Tail Logo Lights


How do you put YouTube in the top Right Corner?


Tail logo lights, taxiway lights and ALS would make me want to fly at night 25/8


You see the three dots in the top right. Press that then near the cancel button is ‘Desktop’ press that and then watch a video.

Prepare for epic self premotion

Then press on the thing to the right of the second timer on the video. (The big square and small square) and tada you can watch YouTube and play

Btw this is not off topic I am promoting infinite Flight and making people play longer lol


I have iPhone, doesn’t work. :(


I totally agree! If this was added it’d make everything in general brighter & would satisfy numerous related feature requests: more realistic landing lights/taxiway lights, etc. so let’s hope this gets added sometime (This would definitely make it realistic) this would be the most realistic feature that could be added to all of the ‘commercial aircraft’.


Definitely. This would look amazing


Yeah, I hope the’ll add it with the advanced night flying after the release of Global


This to me would be the best feature for all commercial planes either before or after Global. Ultimate realism at its best! 😍


Yes, we need that feature, everything is dark in the game, that’s why I never fly at night, because I don’t see anything. But this feature must come with taxiways and runways lighting as well as cockpit lighting and taxi lights lighting (to see the stop lines and taxiway line) at the same time.


I agree! While flying at night, It feels really dark. Seeing all the tail logo lights on planes while parked will be so cool! :)


This would be very useful, and would bring more fun to flying at night!


Just realized that I love tail logo lights, VOTED :)


Won my vote, but I think we need to focus more on taxiway lights than logo lights.


This would be one of the greatest ideas of all the small little details that could be added to Infinite Flight!


I would love to see this on IF would make the simulator more realistic


Out of votes!
Surely needed in an about-to-become-extremely-realistic flight simulator like Infinite Flight! Would add a ton of realism to (in-game) overnight flights, if you’re not sleeping through almost the whole flight! 😂


This is obviously awesome to have, but also very useful for controllers that control in the dark. :) Which is its exact purpose, so other planes and controllers can see which company it is.


Who knows what’s coming in global let’s wait and see what we get extra maybe :)


Global is Coming we don’t known what they are adding to the game next so let wait


Wow… Almost 110 votes! I’d be really excited for an aircraft light rework at some point in the future! Tail logo lights, different Boeing and Airbus strobes, etc