Tail Logo Lights


I would hope so , as the cockpit is meant to be realistic as possible !


Cities Skylines? If so, I approve.


I agree, it would look fantastic!! Fingers crossed!


For some reason I remember this being on Infinite Flight? 😕


Yes, city skylines


Cities skylines yup

Also I don’t think tail logo lights has ever been in if


This is cool!


This would definitely be awesome, especially if we have dynamic time in global. And, think about the airport views when you reach or depart a night destination!


I couldn’t agree with you more… Also I think that Infinite Flight should make the lights illuminate when you turn them on because when taxiing at night it’s very hard to see the taxi way and also some lighting in the airport will be amazing


Yes I agree it’s a majority of the aircraft but it’s so much easier than reworking all of the airports, plus it’d add true realism & make awesome screenshots 😉 I’d also truly enjoy flying at night too!


I would like this a lot too!


We need this. I wonder how the other aircraft will be rendered with this feature.


This would be nice to see added on the future to make nigh time flying so much better.


I definitely want this! Maybe it’s something they could add on the MD-11.


Yes please as well as other lights


We need this, FSX has it


well raised! yes please -with sugar 👌🤘

philippe? laura? svp 🙏


Yes I admit to bumping this topic, but it had like 120 likes & now only 5 votes. It ‘was’ an extremely popular feature request. I’m all for having this feature.


Should be added to all aircraft that are released in further updates, as well as reworking old aircraft i.e. A330


I think they will implement this in future. Maybe we can see this on the upcoming aircrafts hopefully