Tail Logo Lights


Since the last one was closed, here’s the new one.

I think this is really cool and would encourage more people (including me) to fly on night time mode.

If you were a Dev, what would you make first and why?
What New Aircraft do You Want?
What do you expect from Infinite Flight in 2018?
Boeing 747 Rework
Swiss International Airlines Tail
Plane Lights
City Lights
Potential Features for Infinite Flight
Logo lights

Definitely Needed! Will be awesome at night.


Yes please!


Yes please it would add more realistic design to the aircrafts!


Love it!! Would prefer better aircraft and global first but still can be in the works


I agree, normaly i love so much to fly at Nights. Would be nice if i realized to far my friends or someone else. The Tower should be also realized all Airplanes.


Also taxi lights that light up the ground


AirTran 😭😭


Yes, we need those lights ☝👌


Yes. Good lights to have.


Maybe it’ll be a surprise implement into global :) (HINT HINT FDS)


This would be an amazing feature to the game. It would definitely make it more realistic. :)


would definitely make infinite flight more realistic!


Next update pls


We absolutely need this


This would be the coolest feature ever! 🙌 Plus it’d be a lot easier than adding taxi lights to every airport. Plus only the ‘airliners’ would need this update (not every plane) 😉


Which is 80% of the sims aircraft ! I would love to see this , will take night flying to a whole new level.


This needs to happen!


Yes that would be awesome


I bored and looking around the cockpit in a Boeing and i saw there was a switch for the logo light

(sorry about the top right I was watching YouTube)