Tail-draggers Bug

I’ve noticed that when taxing with the Spitfire or Super Decathalon that when I turn with the rudder the rear wheel does not pivot to accommodate the aircraft turning, it just stays strait. It’s quite hard to explain.

If you look at the pictures you will notice that the plane is in motion by looking at the ground speed, and the rudder is turned, determining that the plane is turning. While the aircraft is turning the small wheel in the back does not move as it should to react for the rudder.

How to Reproduce
1. Open Infinite Flight
2. Select Spitfire or Super Decathalon.
3. Open any region and any airport.
4. Release brakes and power up engine as if you were to taxi. Then turn rudder to either side and you will notice that the rear small wheel does not turn.

iPad Air
Latest IOS
Latest version of Infinite Flight
All settings on high.


All I know is, its amazing how the smallest things can be reported as a bug. Even grammar mistakes(Carson).


It isn’t a bug, the tail draggers are old when compared to the jets, so it is natural that they have some missing features, like the pivoting tail wheel.
They’ll be reworked when the time comes. Be patient and enjoy the game!


It’s the small things that count:)

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We know it might seem obsessive looking for grammar errors, but even games in which so much work has been put into it can be ruined by grammatical errors.

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If you put so much work into the rendering, the grammar might as well be correct😂

Even if that rendering makes your high end device lag at low quality (off topic).

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I think the spitfire tail wheel is just castoring and not steerable, meaning it will not turn when you press the rudder – it turns freely.

The super D should have a steerable wheel though I think.

IF does not have realistically working rudders, which is why you can’t perform basic techniques such as forward slips or rudder turns and rolls.
It is the area of the Sim that is severely lacking, and far behind the other mobile Sims.
It is a major issue.

Edit: Oops, read that to quick. Just realized the original post was not about the rudder.


Good point though:)