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Tahiti Virtual Group’s Official IFC Thread!

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Tahiti Virtual Group was founded as Air Tahiti Nui Virtual in 2020, when our CEO, Ryan Maguire, decided to create a fun, realistic and truly unique virtual airline based off an airline he is extremely passionate about in the real world. After a couple of months of hard work, ATVG was looking spectacular. With the addition of 5 3D airports to French Polynesia, we are looking to rebrand ourself and be as community-involved as is possible!

Through determination and hard work, we have been built up from just an idea to a reality. Every aspect of the VA has been thought through to provide an amazing experience for everyone! Upon joining ATVG, you will discover a world of fun events, nice people, and beautiful islands!

Tahiti Virtual Group is a virtual airline based out of Papeete Tahiti Fa’a’ā International Airport on the island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. We are dedicated to flying professionally. We strive to help you become the best pilot that you can be! If you have a question about something, we are always willing to chat!

This is the staff team running it all at ATVG!

Position Name
CEO @Errigal
COO @Aviation108
Human Resources Manager Hiring
Pilot Instructor @Ben_C
Social Media Director Hiring

If you are interested in joining our staff team, apply by sending @Errigal a PM.

After our rebrand from Air Tahiti Nui Virtual, we adopted a new branch of operations, Air Tahiti! Information on the 2 branches are below.

We offer a large selection of international routes to and from our main hub, F’a’a’ā International Airport (NTAA). We fly to destinations as close as Auckland and Suva, to as far as Tokyo and Paris! With new Air Tahiti Nui Cargo routes being added, we have more to offer than we’ve ever had! On top of flying the Boeing 787-9, which Air Tahiti Nui flies, we’ve incorporated the Airbus A340 into our fleet, which is a unique addition to our fleet. The Airbus A340 operated routes that the 787-9 had never, including routes to Sydney and nonstop to Paris.

With an ever-growing route database of over 100 routes around the French Polynesia, Cook Islands and many more unique destinations, our Air Tahiti regional routes are hidden gems. The stunning blue waters of the Pacific never fail to impress and with many 3D destinations, it just adds to the beauty!

Tahiti Virtual Group operates a diverse amount of routes, connecting not only French Polynesia to North America, Oceania and Asia, but also connecting various islands across the Pacific!

Air Tahiti Nui

Our Air Tahiti Nui routes connect French Polynesia to the rest of the world, flying to big airports such as LAX, or CDG.

Air Tahiti

Our Air Tahiti routes connect the various islands in French Polynesia. This is a new branch in our operations, now offering so many more beautiful destinations in the Pacific!

From the mighty 787-9, to the workhorse C208, our fleet is very diverse, capable of suiting your every need.

Cessna 208 Caravan


Here is the aircraft that connects all the Western Polynesian islands! From Maupiti to Tahiti, this aircraft is a workhorse. We operate the Cessna 208 in the generic, and the private liveries.

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400


This aircraft connects us to all of Eastern Polynesia, from Hiva Oa to Fakarava. We operate the DHC 8 Q400 in the generic livery.

Embraer E190


This is the aircraft that connects Tahiti to all the other pacific islands. From Nadi to Rarotonga, you’ll discover the best of the Pacific in this splendid aircraft. We operate the Embraer E190 in the generic livery.

Boeing 787-9


This is the aircraft that connects us to all our long haul destinations, such as Los Angeles, Vancouver, Auckland, and Tokyo! We operate the Boeing 787-9 in our spectacular livery.

Airbus A340-600


This aircraft is from our historical fleet. Before the 787-9’s, Air Tahiti Nui operated a fleet of A340-300’s to destinations across the world. We operate the -300’s larger sibling, to the same destinations as our 787-9’s. We operate the A340-600 in the generic livery.

With our new thread, we are also introducing new rank requirements! Lowering our hours for all ranks, this will help new pilots rise up our ranks quickly!

Rank Hours Needed Aircraft Unlocked
Second Officer 0 Cessna 208
First Officer 10 Bombardier Q400
Senior First Officer 25 Embraer E190
Captain 55 Boeing 787-9
Fleet Captain 100 Airbus A340-600

Tahiti Virtual Group has various codeshare partners from all across the globe! No region is left untouched when you fly with us.

Wizzair VirtualQantas Virtual GroupAmerican VirtualJet Airways VirtualAir China VirtualSurf Air VirtualAccess Air VirtualSriwijaya Virtual AirlineKorean Virtual


• Aircalin • Air New Zealand •

ATVG’s choice for pilot communications is Discord! Our Discord server has much to offer, wether you’re looking for the Airports of the Week, for that flight time multiplier, or to relax and play trivia with fellow pilots! Once you have passed your application, you will be invited to the server, unlocking all we have to offer!

Club Tiare is a rewards program for those dedicated pilots, in which you receive a 1.3x multiplier on all short haul flights, as well as a private chat with other members, and a role in our Discord server!

We use the Flare Crew Center, designed by @KaiM and @rebal15, that is very easy to use, with many features that other Crew Centers lack. Within the Crew Center, you have access to our route database, a live flight map, showing all routes being flown for ATVG, LOA forms, should the need arise, as well as much, much more!

What are the requirements for joining Tahiti Virtual Group? They are listed below!

  • Must be 13 years of age or older (or the minimum age to have Discord in your country)
  • Must have a valid IF Pro subscription
  • Must have an IFC Account
  • Must be in good standing with the IFVARB and the IFC
  • Must be Grade 3 or higher
  • Must have a landing/violation less than 40%

Do you meet all these requirements? Why not apply here!

Tahiti Virtual Group is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Air Tahiti Nui or Air Tahiti

Thread designed by @Aviation108


Beautiful thread ✌🏼


So glad I’m able to help run this amazing VA, I can’t wait to see where our rebrand gets us!


So proud of everyone that helped make this happen! Excited for what’s to come and the new islands we’ll explore!


definitely reccomend! Theres some beautiful route around French Polynesia (And 3D buildings😏)


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Nice thread, very modern and sleek! Might consider joining.


Thank you!

Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it!

Tayt K.

We are proud to be codeshared with you guys!

Surf Air Virtual

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Very cool thread! Good job and Good luck!

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Thanks for the kind words!

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Thanks, we’re also delighted to codeshare with Surf Air. The approach into Aspen never disappoints!


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