Tahiti @NTAA-090030ZMAY20

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    787-9 (Air Tahiti Nui)
  • Route:
    Taking off runway 22 at Pape’ete and landing runway 34L at Tokyo Narita

NTAA AA502 D240H AA416 TEANO UGANI 1444S/15254W 1300SD/15500W 1101S/15700W 800S/16000W 500S/16345W 400S/16500W 000S/17000W 500N/17500W 900N/18000W 1300N/17500E 1700N/17000E WARDA 2010N/16500E 2300N/16000E 2600N/15500E TONIK BEGAD 3414N/14215E RENAU HME64 A6R12 GIINA VIRGO NRE RJAA

  • Time of Departure:
    0030Z (8:30pm EST)

  • Server:

  • Additional Information: I will be at Gate 0. My display name is Ianuccelli and my callsign will be Tahiti Airlines 88. This flight is 11hrs 5 min and my initial cruise will be FL340 and I will move up to FL410.

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