Tags Identifying Certain Users on the IFC - Continued

Hello, Infinite Flight Community,

I’d like to bring back the aged ol’ discussion on having Titles for Certain users here. As Deer said, it sometimes can be challenging to identify people here on the IFC other then their name.

As you know, we have 4 main titles here on the IFC:

Moderator; and

My proposal would be to add more, more as for example, IFATC, and Airport Editors.

IFATC, one of our most beloved groups for the Expert Server. Sometimes our fellow Community Members have a hard time finding IFATC members. or, if they were ghosted, that IFATC Member may have a name that is common. This would let them stand out to others.

Airport Editors, you can find them in Announcements when a new Scenery Update is released, but what if you down look there? It would be great to identify them, and even recognize them more.

(Remember that these tags would be optional, and wouldn’t be forced upon to have.)

I’d like to know your thoughts on this. Keep in mind that this isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do - All mods have to do is Go to your Profile > Click “Admin” > select the pencil next to where you input a title > Enter the desired Title > All done.

Comment, suggestions feedback and more is welcome down below \ /


This is a good suggestion, but I’d rather see a group type for IFATC and airport editors instead of titles.

The moderators have their own individual group. This would make it much more easier since everyone is filed under one group, versus searching their respective titles. :)


I fully support this

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I feel like that is a great idea and a great suggestion. It would make it a lot easier for pilots to find who is IFATC, when they are inquiring about ghosting complaints and are looking for the correct person to PM.

I have to agree with what @Nathan said as well, with having a certain group for IFATC and another one for Airport Editors, just like what the moderators have.

People could access that group and find the person that they need to talk to there.


Although I do like the idea, and I see a lot of other forums doing so, I fell there would be a few flaws. One, for example, is that some may go title chasing and join teams such as IFATC, “just to get that cool label on the IFC”.

Another small issue would be how time consuming this has the potential to be. The mods are busy enough, and constantly going through and adding specific tags to users all over the forum would defiently take up some valuable time.

I really like the idea however, and would also like to see it implemented :)


Oh yea we should add Community elders people who have been in the Community over a year.What do you think @Evan

Bingo! Hit the nail on the head.

Forgot to also mention this.


I definitely agree as I have had trouble looking for someone from IFATC to ask a question.

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I was thinking of that too, but i decided I’d suggest this first to see how it goes. Don’t want to seem to pushy ;)

But yea, then Community members could message “IFATC members” and then that IFATC Controller could message them from there, thus limiting “I WAS GHOSTED HELP ME PLZ” Post.

Ive just applied to become an airport editor and look forward to editing airports in the Pakistan region.
Would your proposal mean i get the tag?

If you become one, yes

But then I can see members joining IFAET just to get the tag. If looked further into, there might have to be further criteria met within the team itself especially since IFAET is a open group for all to join. Maybe for Supervisors and Mangers only?


The Managars already have the tag.Take @Ryan for example

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As an airport editor, I agree.

I can see that and I agree with that as well. I don’t know the process, but maybe it could make it easier?

The process to get into IFATC is a long one. If they were only chasing a title, they’d probably get exhausted with all the training and everything.

I think this is something that could be discussed within the team, but perhaps it could be based off of the quality of your airport editing or something? If this comes to fruition, I’m sure they’d figure out something.

As for IFATC, I think it would be based on amount of time in IFATC, and perhaps the quality of your controlling.

I dont think it would be quality but more like quantity as quality standards are the same for every editor.

Okay, true. However, as stated before, we shouldn’t be editing airports 24/7 just for a tag. We should edit them to improve the quality of IF, and spend time and effort on the airports we edit.

No i mean as in actually editing airport at a constant rate instead of like 1 ever so often

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I don’t see any point In titles, if anything I would suggest the groups as Nathan mentioned though however msot controllers should be identifiable on the IFC by now, the issue is people don’t know what to do when they are ghosted as they don’t read the topics we have or bother to follow them. This won’t solve much of the ghosting topics we get I reckon for such reasons.


Ease of communication is key. The primary goal here is to make sure someone, who is not familiar with the community, find the respective group(s) of people of which they need assistance from (i.e. ghosting situation—> IFATC controller).

I think those deserving of a title should be ones who have a higher position in their organization. This exists for airport editing managers like Moritz and Ryan, but nothing exists for IFATC managers and supervisors. These should be the primary people who are the first line of communication if a user has to make some inquiry.

Those who are part of the organization (IFATC or airport editing) and have no important position should just be placed in the “groups” category and have no personal title. :)


I don’t know how I feel about the two tags because it’s pretty much just showing kinda pridefulness. I’m not sure though. It also depends on how how long they have been doing it aswell. I don’t know though…