Tags for Cuffs: A Baggage Handler Switches Tags, Gets Jail

You heard right.

“A judge in Singapore sentenced a 66-year-old baggage handler at Changi Airport to three weeks in jail this week for misbehavior that ruined the trips of countless travelers and cost Singapore Airlines and SilkAir more than $30,000.”

You may wonder what this misbehavior was. Not stealing, not destroying, but switching baggage tags. Yup.

“The employee, who worked for an airport subcontractor, was assigned to bag security screening back in 2016, and the x-ray machine he was using kept breaking down. As a result, he repeatedly had to lug the heavy bags by hand to another machine several yards away. He probably could have used some help, but his superiors didn’t offer any, saying they were short-staffed.”

Due to this, he decided to take revenge. By switching the bag tags. 66-year-old Tay Boon Keh was later sentenced to prison due to the feat. His misdeed cost Singapore Airlines more than 33,000 dollars USD.

So what do you think, do you think that jailing him was justifiable? Tell me below.


Image and quotes courtesy of the article.


Yes I think it is but the superiors should have had some responsibility


Ok now this is just stupid - that guy shouldn’t have taken his revenge on the poor passengers trying to get home/go on holiday.

If he had a problem he should have just spoken to someone. He deserved to go to jail imho.


This is a justified cause to be jailed. That, and it was very immature to switch baggage tags.

Maybe his superiors were unfair to him, but two wrongs don’t make a right. He got what he deserved, nothing more to say.


Definitely justifiable. He should’ve gone about it in a more mature way instead of doing what he did.


I think it is justifiable. This guy could have either not gotten revenge, or he could have handled it professionally and maturely. But, as stated above, the leaders also should have been more responsible.

In fact, right now, I have to write a 400 word essay about accountability (don’t ask me why, lol. It’s an interesting story).

Basically, I, the leader of my team, was irresponsible at one moment in time, I have to write a 400 word essay to “pay” for an item that costs over $400. I’ll get the item back, but this is why accountability and responsibility is so important. Same goes for this airport staff.

Responsibility, folks. It’s important.


ok is this real life rn getting revenge on travellers i mean u had 1 job

do your job properly i mean how hard can it be


But it’s Singapore Changi, not LaGuardia…

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