Tagging list not showing up

Try in a PM and send us a video in the way I told you ^^

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Still nothing after waiting 7 seconds.

You’re not supposed to use “@” when adding users in PM’s. Just type in their username.


Wait was i this stupid?

You got me confused as well 😂

I was like hmm wonder what’s wrong in his end? I can add why not him… 🤔😂

Yeah Seb is right. I forgott it aswell…😂

:O laugh my fricking butt off LOL

Feels wrong to say Yes to that, but… ;)



Yep you got us all winded up on this one 😂

Seems like your issue is resolved though… 😅

Cheers to our stupidity 🥂😜

Cheers to you for making fun of me when thomas made the same mistake too

I said our, I’m equally stupid here.

oh sorry i thought you said “your” xd

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Nah im like wait what’s going on… then oh wait hahah i didn’t realize, well here i am just as stupid 😂

I who PM people left and right, day and night… haha that’s just me😝

We are all a family here, we all make mistakes and all are… [stupic]😂

except from Seb :(

haha ;D lol xD agreed


Seb got it clean, he’s like, i now my stuff, move 😎


That’s how i do things :)