Tagging Developers/Moderators

Apparently there is an unwritten rule that tagging moderators and developers are banned? If there is one, add it to the rules, along with all the other unwritten ones you guys may have.

EDIT: Is there any kind of rationale behind this rule? It seems a little unnecessary to prevent the tagging of other members.

It’s not a “rule” but for moderators speaking it works much better if something gets flagged instead of tagging us.


But I got slammed for tagging a developer in a bug post reply. Not something that is against the rules, the flagging part I can understand.

Edited for clarification

Developers check the forums often. They will look through the bugs and fix them :). No need to tag them

It has been a few days, that’s why I tagged.

Best way to get the mods’ attention is to flag posts/topics. Flags stay at the top of our inbox, but tags just add up in our notifications and get pushed down the list where we might not see them.

Developers shouldn’t need to be tagged. Matt & Philippe visit the forum every day and see all the bug reports & feature requests.

So it actually isn’t a rule, the attached screenshot made it sound like a rule. So it’s just unnecessary, thanks for the clarification.

Just pm me with more info :)

To add onto that, the devs might not respond to bug reports, just add them to their list of bugs. The most commonly noticed bugs and the ones that are the most urgent in need of fixing will have priority.

I never said it was a rule. :) I simply stated that tagging the developers isn’t needed.

Already attached a screenshot, thanks :)

The word “enforce” implies a rule. That’s the problem.

Yeah sorry, I might’ve mis-worded it.

I think there are three main things here:

  1. As @Aernout said, it is best to flag a post instead of tagging a mod. The mods will see it quicker an the thread won’t be clogged up with annoying “@mrmoderator please close this!!1!1!!1!”

  2. Tagging devs isn’t a horrible thing if there is good reason. The old thought that they read every post probably isn’t true anymore. The problem though is if everyone starts tagging them, they won’t see the real important stuff anymore. Generally they do read everything in the support and bug categories. So trying to avoid tagging them is a good idea.

  3. Tagging mods or devs brings out the wannabe mods and forum rent-a-cops with an excuse to post and pretend to be important.

*Disclaimer: This is not directed at any one person, just general observation.

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I never slammed you hahaha. I mean c’mon - I even added two smileys in there… :)


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I like smilies:)


Smileys can have many meanings in a forum environment. I try to fit everything into my words.

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Ok, let’s not get in a fight about smileys here… Hahaha