TAG / RPSP Panglao Airport missing

Hi there is an airport on the Philippines missing. Since we have the new amazing scenery would be great to see this newly opened airport as well :-)

IFAET will get to it when ready. They don’t take requests, but new airports sure are nice.

I tried to add an topic as well but I can’t click on the add button. Any idea why I can’t do this.

Alvast bedankt :D

You’re not a TL2 yet. Basically you just post and read to get there. You’re TL1 now.

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Aah okee ik zal het anders aan de admin vragen. In iedergeval bedankt voor je snelle antwoord :)

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Geen probleem, maar ik denk dat wij alleen engels mogen praten…

Aaah like that I got I now thank you for your response man

Please do not use #features to request airports. As mentioned, one of us airport editors will add it when we are ready as we do not take requests. I’ve posted this in our Slack to see if someone wants to give it a go, but if not, it will be added in due course.


still a construction site on Satelite images, no chance to edit before that changes…