Tag For Identifying Experienced Community Members

This is something that I’d like to bring up as a suggestion. Over the last few months I have seen more and more topics, or general “things” brought up on this forum. I hate to call it an issue but it’s an issue that I have noticed more often, and it occurs primarily in the #real-world-aviation category. I have seen random topics created for things across the board asking for advise or things that require an “experienced persons knowledge”. Without getting too attached to the internet, it is almost frustrating to see other people who do not have the knowledge in the field of question. Many times people are taking a wild swing at an answer and end up getting the home run answer. But that’s not always the case. In most cases, its misleading and incorrect for someone to answer a question or topic if they have no idea what they’re talking about. Don’t get me wrong, as this is not a rant, but rather something that would give some sense of security or solid belief that the answer that they are receiving is something from an experienced person.

I know that there are several real world pilots and this is great. It’s a great thing to be humble but at the same time, if you see something where someone answers a question and they are totally missing the point, let them know that you’re a pilot, and you know for 100% that, what the other person is saying is inaccurate. I’ve had to, on multiple occasions explain to someone something and had to back it up with evidence, that what I was saying was not a lie/fib/whatever you want to call it.

My Proposal:
Similar to what regulars, mods, and staff have next to their IFC name, would be an additional/seperate tag that would say Verified, Pilot, Experienced, etc. something along the lines like that. This would allow those who wish to seek an answer that they are looking for, that extra sense of understanding.

How is one determined to be knowledgable?
Honestly, that’s the tough part that I still am unsure about. Yes, someone can fake that they are someone who they are not. But, it would be pretty evident if one knows what they are talking about vs. something that is copied off the internet.

Leave your thoughts down below, whether you are someone who would be considered for a tag like this, or if you are one of those people that would benefit from something like this who could help you out.

This suggestion is not going to be liked by everybody and is not going to apply for everyone.


My experience is in video editing and production. Not sure how that’s going to help ;)


On #real-world-aviation itself, I think there are several experienced members who are familiar with Aviation World (Of course, its not me 😂). I think these tags may be useful for those who need help in understanding the aviation world more deeply as their answers are mostly accurate and realible 😄

In the negative side although, this may make a kind of “caste” system on this forum and I’m sure many people wont like this idea if they view it from this sideview unfortunately. But honestly, I support this great idea 😉


No, but lets say you had a question in regards to something that pertained to #real-world-aviation. This area in particular in focus that this would be of importance. Anywhere else, I wouldn’t help.


I guess it could sort of be like Quora, where it finds people to answer your topic and you can request them.


Right. And like I said, this is not going to apply for everyone, but would be beneficial to the majority as a whole.

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I like this. In order to get the tag they would have to go through a test to prove they are legit.

I think this is a great idea, partly because questions like “how to fly an ILS approach” are answered in about 3 completely different ways, with 3 completely different tactics, but it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing “Pilots who have 60,000 hours in the cockpit” that turn out to be 11 year olds with a dream. Maybe a test could get you “verified” or something along those lines, but than again, you can be anybody online.


Instead of tags, I think groups would be better utilised. That way you can tag a group and then one of those will answer your question


You can also search for pilots on the FAA registry too find real pilots


@kevin @Wren_Jago @RTG113 I agree, and that is one of the few obstacles that I can see as being a problem. Thanks for the input.


This would be a great addition to the community, and it definitely needed in my opinion.

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I’m aware of that however; you can also give them a name of someone you may know who flies an airliner of any type. I could say that my name is Jack Sparrow 😂 and I fly a 737 for American. Yes, it may turn up as true, but whose to say that I’m not who I say I am. Again, it’s the internet…

Other than pilots - what over tags do you propose?

And for the pilots tags like PPlL, Instur, Comm, CFI, ATP (commercial pilot) just a thought

I’d say this is a good idea. I suppose “experienced” is basically a long term regular. For example, I’m not a regular, but I’d say I’m fairly knowledgeable on the workings of the forms and the community.

A ridiculously hard way to solve this is to have the tags approved by mods and you would have to send a picture of your FAA rating. Although no mod is gonna volunteer for that task

Pilots, ATC members, or people like The-OP. Maybe even Mechanics? @N1DG That may work out even better. I like that a little more. But you guys are seeing the point that I’m trying to make.

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And that’s great, but this would be for the more technical and advanced questions about aviation or the workings of aircraft, airspace or air traffic control.


We used to be able to select our own titles/tags. I think we should bring that back with verified tags that need to be checked before being used.

P.S a military tag would be good aswell