TACV Cabo Verde Airlines 737-800

Hello guys,

Here we have a wonderful livery from Cabo Verde Airlines we all know that Cabo Verde has a livery on Infinite Flight but we can’t leave this stunning one behind.

in the future we will have 3D cape verde airports and for sure there will be an event to debut this painting in the sky of Infinite Flight. With this beautiful painting we can explore a lot of Cape Verde and other parts of the world who agree with my opinion please help me with your vote

Registration: D4-CBX

Jetphoto: D4-CBX | Boeing 737-8Q8 | TACV Cabo Verde Airlines | Jos Jorge | JetPhotos

Hi there, cool livery and a great request you made, but according to recent feature request rules, it doesn’t met this criteria:

TACV (Cabo Verde Airlines) is still an operating airline, and it’s permanent livery might have been the one we have represented on the 757. Cool feature request by the way (and cool livery) !


Beautiful livery! You have my vote

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Most beautiful thing… 💪🏽💪🏽

Thank you for flying Ryanair🇮🇪

Thank you for posting the wrong airline on the wrong thread!


lol in the background

whats in the background? I just see more airport

Ryanair b-737-800

Oh, now I see. It was on the image sent a year ago

It would be awesome for this livery to be added!

Hey this is an amazing idea I can confirm TACV is still and active airlines although we do have Cabo verde airlines it actually isn’t the main airline flying in and out of capeverde. I am Cape Verdean myself and have personally flown TACV multiple times they also have flight from ponta Delgada to Praia int. I would love to see it in game with Praia int, as a 3d airport


Hey, I’m also Caboverdian, unfortunately this livery there no longer exists because TACV has no more 737-800, she now has the 737-700 we have a request from Livery for the IF, if you want to vote in the 737-700 of Cape Verde Airlines and help us bring this livery to the IF just click below