TACV 737-800 (Livery)

Hello! I am here to start this campaign for the Devs IF to add this wonderful Cabo Verde Airliners livery to the Boeing 737-800.

Anyone in favor of this idea, give your vote for and comment. ;)

Credits to Airliners.net

I like this livery a lot! But remember only two feature request topics per day.

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You mean I can only create one topic per day, right?

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Dunno who the delvs are, but I’m sure they’ll get back to you shortly

This texture is very beautiful. !!! vote there guys i strongly support … !!!

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another beautiful livery!

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It was typo. I meant “Devs” from developers. 😉

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I’m from this country ! Unfortunately I’m out of votes
;( . .
Thank you for doing this thread, I was looking for it ! 😍