Taco’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hi! I’m Taco!

I created this to sharpen my skills again in order to get back into IFATC. I’ve recently came back from a long break.

I will update this thread when opening and closing. Feedback is appreciated in a DM!

Feel free to tag me when you’re open

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Opening at KSSC! Come fly with me for a little bit!

Sorry, I live in England so I was asleep

Don’t know if it will help I was having issues still and deleted the whole game and all the files with it . Reinstalled it and it better than ever . Hope this helps it worked for me .

Opening at KSSC! Come fly some patterns!

Coming now

Opening up KAFW! Come fly some patterns or depart out!

Tag: @Ahmed1

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Don’t forget to edit your title next time for when you open and close. I just changed your title to say you’re open

Im no longer open anymore. Im actually enroute to LOWW on expert server @MJP_27

I closed after 15 minutes of silence earlier xD. Will try again later.

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Passes Written Test, Getting some practice for Practical! Come fly for me

Il come by!

I’ll be coming now

Sorry for the late exit command, something happened outside and i had to look, haha. @CaptainN

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Oh wow, I just spawned in and then it said ground is offline

Nice session!

  • Nice runway change

  • Clearing was perfect!

  • Only thing I would say was that the exit runway command was a tad late but other than that it was a perfect session!

Good luck on your practical!

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Haha sorry @Ahmed1. maybe next time!

Yeah no problem

Opening @ KSSC

Come out and fly some patterns!

Sorry, you opened at 3am my time