Taca International Airlines A320 [Old]

Good afternoon and Happy Friday to everyone. With all the recent updates and previews for the next chapter in the simulator I feel like I might get lucky have my request accepted. Well it’s nothing extreme just a livery that I feel connected to by nationality. Taca International holding group is the name of the entity who once flew as Taca Airlines and in 2009 made an alliance with Avianca holdings. Taca Airlines itself made part of an alliance of other Central American airlines that Taca shares were sold to and where under their national name in their respective country. The name Taca ( “Transportes Aéreos Centroamericanos”) representing our pride in being one of the other four nations that make Central America, Taca airlines was the first Airline in the Central American and Caribbean region to operate the Boeing 737 and 767 jet during the peak of the civil war in El Salvador. In 2012 it was announced that the name and livery would stop existing bringing the end of use of a great paint scheme. On the tail we have five Macaws representing five nations, at the front it has the red top mimicking the feathers of the guacamaya ( macaw). The airline has had a long and medium to short haul fleet including Boeing 737 767 E190’s and Airbus 319 320 321. I’m requesting this for the Airbus 320 as most of the international countries are represented by their respective home airline, we do have Avianca but that is Colombia’s national airline. Below I will leave pictures of the livery when it did exist.

Credit for picture to: N687TA TACA International Airlines Airbus A320-233 Photo by Hector Antonio -HR Planespotter | ID 422511 | Planespotters.net


One photo and feature please. Thanks!

Look down below for the liveries to vote for:

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Feel free to vote on these ones :)



This is a very interesting airline and would love to see it in the game, but unfortunately per #features category rules you can only request 1 feature and 1 photo per request. This means you would have to do multiple topics for each aircraft.

Existing Requests:

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You can drop a vote for them there :)

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These are relatively old and are the last livery used by Taca I’m requesting the one used in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, those other request do have my vote but even so no one is pushing for them. I’m that guy trying as every other request that interested me.


I believe this is an older livery therefore it is different than the existing A320 topic that we have. We can keep this open.


Thank You, the other liveries are different.


Giving this topic a bump. :)