TACA Airlines (old livery) Airbus a321

Picture Credits

Picture by: Roger Cannegieter, Jetphotos

TACA Airlines

Taca Airlines (now Avianca El Salvador) is a retired Salvadoran airline that merged with Avianca Airlines and it’s fleet used to consist of the Airbus a320 family.

Why do I want this livery?

1. Because I am Salvadoran.

2. I love this livery.

3. It’s perfect to do flights around North, Central, and South America.

4. There’s no TACA livery on any IF aircraft.

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Now that is how you make a features request! Hats off to you!

Nice livery! I actually think it looks nice for older-liveries.


Lol thanks and yeah It’s a really good looking old livery.


Well… Since FDS is adding new liveries to the a321, I would hope to have this livery with the update.

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This livery is comfort with the A321.👍

I’m the only one who want want a Taca a321 in Infinite Flight.😂😂

I do too! Is just that I moved my vote to get Avianca A321 so that we can have a realistic experience in the simulator

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I think the last A321 with TACA livery was painted not long ago. N568TA. Flew it in 2017 when still had the TACA or the “Copete Rojo” livery. Will be good to see this livery in the game but also moved my vote to the Avianca A321 to get a more realistic experience’


I hope both Taca (new livery) in the a320 and the old livery in the A321 is add to Infinite Flight.😊

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