Tablet Temperatures

As I was doing KLAX to KEWR today, my tablet gets really hot, and I was only on solo flight. All the graphics are low and I have limit frame rate enabled. Anti- Aliasing is off. I have a Nvidia Shield K1. Any other information just ask me. Help would be appreciated. Thanks ;)

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Thanks for contacting support!
It might be advisable to play Infinite Flight in a cooler environment. If you are playing in an environment where the temperature might be quite warm, this could make your device heat up quicker than in a cooler environment. Additionally, if you leave your device charging it will heat up at a quick rate.

Are you using a case for your tablet? I saw some reports about the same tablet.

I mean my room temperature is around 70-74° F and I charge it while playing. I have to leave it charging or else is turns off. (Like that one time it crashed during yssy-klax. Still hate that day)

Yeah I use a case. It’s one of those think snap on cases with that cover

Maybe turning your device completely off for a few minutes before you fly might stable it.

I can try that if you want.

Try that and report back if it helps.

Ok thanks! I’ll respond in a bit :)

I just read some posts about this tablet. And you are not the only one.
Could you please tell us which software you are using? Does it get hot while using other apps too?
If yes, then you might have to get a new battery.
I would also recommend you to contact the Nvidia support, they can help you.

High temperatures are not uncommon, i have that on my iPad Pro 9.7 as well when actively flying.

To keep it to a minimum i do the following:

  • Lower the screen brightness to lowest possible
  • Make sure “Low power mode” is activated for Infinite Flight (Settings --> General)

I know this is a different device, but the two above helps a lot for all the different devices.
You already have your graphics turned down so i intentionally didn’t mention that. It goes without saying in this case.


My tablet software version is 5.4 otherwise the android version is 7.0 and no it does not get hot while using other applications.

Yeah I do those and unfortunately it does nothing :/

Was this the first time or does it get hot every time you play?

I would suggest you to do a factory-reset (don’t forget to secure your data). Some poeple had the same issue and that helped them.
If that doesn’t help, then contact the Nvidia Support, no one can help you better than the people who invented it.

I played sometimes before and it wouldn’t get this hot. I think maybe it’s because i’m leaving it charging. I’m not sure though

Alright. Then try to do a flight without charging it and see if you get the “normal” temperature. If not, then do the things above.

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And no matter what people say, do not put it in the freezer…


Yeah it is less hot when it is not charging. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for everyone who helped and tried to help me :)

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