Tablet suggestions for Infinite Flight


My 12 year old son loves Infinite Flight. He plays it on my cell phone. I would love some suggestions for a tablet to buy him to play Infinite Flight on so that I can reclaim my phone.

Also, does Infinite Flight require a data connection to work? Should I get him a tablet that works with my cell phone data plan?

Thank you so much for any suggestions!


I don’t think IF Global is supported for data yet but maybe later on in development. Hope you find a perfect tablet for your son.

This topic will help you find a suitable tablet for your son.

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Infinite Flight requires a strong network connection. It does not need to be data though. If you don’t have internet at home, you will need something with data. I recommend one of the 2017 Apple iPads, they are cheap but come with a powerful chipset.

You could also check out this topic: Minimum device requirements do a little research, and find a cheap but effective Android you can run the game on.

I hope this makes sense, don’t hesitate to ask us further questions!

A. I would say the 2017 iPad is your best bet it is cheap, runs IF on the highest graphics, and isn’t to small.
B. IF does run with a data network (messaging and carrier rates and charges may apply depending on plan) but I would recommend using WiFi.

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I’m glad your son likes IF!

Yes, data is needed for IF, Wi-Fi works best compared to cellular.

if you look for an android tablet, specwise I think there’s just Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, either the 9.7 inch or the 8.0 inch one. IF graphics will be able to run the highest settings using these. But it’s quite expensive though (at least in my country)

if you an apple-based user, go with the 2017 iPad as mostly recommended here :)

I would say an iPad Air 2.

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iPad Pro is what I think is the best for playing IF happily without any crashes or lags :)

If you want a high quality tablet that will run the Sim at max settings but won’t break the bank then I’d recommend the Nvidia Shield K1 tablet.

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Way to go, dad!!! Your son might just decide to become a pilot in future,

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I would recommend either the iPad Pro or iPad (2017). If you have the money and want the best possible, and if you think you’ll use your tablet for other intense tasks, then iPad Pro. If you don’t have the money and want a cheaper but great tablet with some minor compromises, then the 2017 iPad.
As everyone had said, your need a strong internet connection for IF. It can be connected via WiFi or data.

Refurbished iPad Pro from Apple’s website. Just as good and cheaper than brand new.

iPad Pro it has good storage and doesn’t lag (rarely lags)

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I got an iPad 2017 for playing Infinite Flight, no regrets, never had a crash because of performance issues. Superb battery life, can leave the game running overnight on no battery, it is also incredibly cheap for the power it has.

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That’s pretty cool that your son likes this game! I use the IPad Air 2 and it works very well.

First off, never say “what tablet” unless you specify Android or Apple.

On Android I use the Google Pixel C tablet and it can run things very well on high settings. I used to have a Samsung but for some reason Samsung and IF have a hard time getting along in the graphics area in my experience.

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Thanks to everyone that shared their advice - however, there are already several topics available on this (feel free to search for them).