Tablet/phone mount, anyone tried using one with IF?

Hi folks,

I was wondering if anyone has tried using IF while having their device mounted in a stand or mount that supports tilt and rotation? My main reason for wondering is because one of the things I’ve found tricky is finding the optimal calibration point, plus maintaining that point without the aircraft veering slightly (horizontally or vertically) when not on AP. I’ve found this an issue for me a lot more recently when trying to hand fly the aircraft for longer durations of the critical flight phases. Also another benefit would be that although I have a joystick, at times I am away from home and bringing a mount/stand is much more convenient, plus in general it can be used at other non-IF times too.

Originally I had thought of making something to do this, but then realised there probably is something that fits the purpose already available. After playing around with the controls calibration screen and viewing how moving the device effects the values, I think it would need to support tilting in a fixed vertical alignment (for pitch) and rotation from a central point (for roll). This then makes it a little bit like a yoke I would imagine.

For reference, below is along the lines of what I was thinking.

Keen to hear if anyone has tried this before I go purchasing something.

Side note, I tried doing a search for a discussion about this topic but couldn’t find anything. Also, first post, so apologies if this is in the wrong category.

Since the turn axis is from the middle, and the beam is on the back, you wont get as much pitch up.

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