Tablet lock up and slow reboot

Good afternoon…I just experienced my tablet lock screen whilst climbing out and passing thru FL 260. I tried to hold the restart buttons simultaneously and eventually had my wife help me restart the tablet. Whilst this was happening, I had 3 simultaneous speed violations and probably not talking to ATC.

How do we solve these types of problems? Simply allow the violations to stand is not something I can agree with. Please take a look at my violation history as a comparison to what just happened with my tablet. I have very few violations over the course of me belonging to the community. That is just one issue…has anyone had this happen on the apple tablet? How do I stop and reboot before the ac crashes or experiences a violation? I am now getting several updates installed and maybe that will help…not sure until I try.

What device are you using?

iPad Pro (11-inch)

MU1Q2LL/A Model

Hmm. That is the 2019 model and should have no problem running Infinite Flight. Is it possible that you have Auto-Lock enabled?

Just finished this update …13.5.1

Checking now…standby.

Tablet is restarting…

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