Tablet Issue

I have recently obtained a new Samsung SM T377A and I cant find infinite flight in the app store. I even went back into my google play library and I cant find anything. is this something im doing wrong?

Device: Samsung SM T377A
Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmellow

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hey there!

Since update 21.1 that added 3d buildings, clouds etc the device requirements for Infinite Flight have updated.

  1. Your device has to be over android 7.1

  2. Your device has to have 64-bit support

By the sounds of your device model, its unfortunately not compatible with Infinite Flight.

Hope you have good luck saving up/finding a new device in the future!

Update your device

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When did they add clouds? I never see any

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You can change it in weather.

OK, can see that you can change it manually but does it work with live weather?

Manually, slider in the weather section

yeah I saw that, would be better if they would incorporate that with the ADIS the servers poll to get the other weather data for the game

So is there a way for me to upgrade my tablets operating system?

After doing some research it seems that Android 6 was the last version that your tablet supported with it being dropped when Android 7.0 was released.

Unfortunately this means you will have to get a newer device which supports Android 7.1 or later and also has a 64-bit chip architecture.

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