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Thank you but! at Apple you would advise me what? or So what device do you use

Personally, I use an iPhone XR.

What’s your budget?

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I would recommend you Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 to make it run smoothly.Phones are a bit harder to do flights.

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I’ve used both the iPad Pro 10” and the 12.9 and both are amazing devices for the game if you can afford either. You can buy used on eBay for very cheap

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Le iPad mini 5 est très bon.

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iPad Pro 12.9 is first class

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Le iPhone 7 peux avoir les graphismes au maximum, mais dans des areoports avec beaucoup de monde, ce n’est pas toujours fluide.

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I would like Apple but not too eager to buy the game As I am used to Android the Samsung Tab6 would be suitable for this performance of an iPad Pro 10.5

400-500e max
On ebay they 600€ 😅

Tablette Android Samsung Galaxy New Tab A 10’ 32Go Black

That good for IF?? I don’t think*

I am thinking of buying a new android tablet for me as my iPad mini 2 runs terribly and crashes constantly. Any recommendations for a tablet that runs IF smoothly with the 19.4 update? thx


@Captainaussie If you currently have an Apple Device I would get another Apple device so you don’t have to buy the game again…

I would get the iPad Pro (2018, 11”) - great device - runs IF like a charm.

Hi, welcome to the community! (Just for the record it would’ve been easier to create a new topic rather than post on an old one. 😊 I think I recognise you trying not to create a new topic though)

I suggest checking here, where you can find a large list of IPads that work on IF, and how smoothly they run.


Any recommendations for Android tablets great for long haul I don’t mind buying it again. Thx for the previous replies 👍


get the TAB s3 if u wanna go bit cheap and if u are okay with new tab s6 is the way to go

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I use the latest version of the I-Pad Pro and everything runs very smooth on the highest settings
This is the best in my eyes because it‘s powerful and you have a bigger screen than a phone :)

Thank you.😄

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j’utiliserais l’ipad d’Apple. il est bon et peut utiliser de bons graphismes.

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