Tabflys’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi there! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!

I have recently been controlling more and more on the training server, I have since realised that it is something that I enjoy and would like to pursue. Because of this, I am opening this tracking thread to gain feedback from fellow community members so I know what I need to work of before applying to IFATC. Feel free to come along and assess my skills and tell me what I need to work on!

What I want to begin working on:

Ground frequency - accurately solving issues that tend to happen on the ground frequency - practice my progressive taxi instructions, and deconflicting possible collisions with aircraft.

Tower Frequency - Improve my pattern work skills like runway changes, clearing aircraft for the option with the correct sequencing, etc. I also would like to practise my tower skills with a higher density of aircraft to see how accurate I am when dealing with large amounts of traffic.

I would appreciate it if you could come along. If you are available when I am closed, please make sure you ask me to tag you in my next session. Thank you!


Will provide more details on next session soon.

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Hi everyone, about to open at LFMN from 2021-06-16T05:45:00Z for approximately an hour. Come along if you wish!

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Open @ UUDD! [training server] come along if you wish! Also if you want me to tag you next time I open make sure to let me know.

Thanks, I was Inbound

Just opened back up, sorry I had to quickly go do something.

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