TAAG Angola Dash 8-Q400

TAAG Angola Dash 8-Q400

Recently, I read an article detailing how TAAG Angola Airlines took delivery of their first Q400, featuring a modified livery when compared to the rest of the fleet. Although it doesn’t live up to their current livery on the Boeings, it still looks absolutely beautiful. Right now the aircraft hasn’t entered service yet, but when it does, it will cater towards domestic and regional routes in Angola and neighboring countries.

About TAAG

TAAG Angola Airlines (known as Linhas Aéreas de Angola in Portuguese) are a state-owned airline based in Luanda’s Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (LAD/FNLU) which operate within Angola, Southern Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and in Portugal. Currently, their fleet consists of a mix of 777-200ERs, 777-300ERs, and 737-700 aircraft.

Why Do We Need It?

Well Africa is an underserved region in my opinion and when it is featured, many users fly to Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Addis Ababa. If this livery is introduced, then we can open up new networks in Luanda, especially considering that we have the 737 and 772. Whether you like it or not, this can allow,users to explore the vast region of Western Africa.

Aircraft photo
Delivery News
General Info

Currently don’t have any votes to spare, just as a reminder to y’all

Really really good looking livery. I don’t have any votes left but this has my support.

Oooh, not going to lie that looks pretty beautiful!

This livery is awesome, perfect for some African short hops too!

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I love it! I’ll see if I can move around some votes for this.

One of the nicer looking dash 8 livery. Hope they add it!

Wow thanks for the support everyone!

Just as a note, the official registration will be D2-TFA. The one in the photo is the test registration.
Thank you planespotters.net :)

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Well, I spent all my votes on B77W liveries, but this topic has my full support.

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This is actually a really nice livery. Suits the Dashie really really well. Nice find!

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